Finding Your True Passion

Finding Your True Passion

Finding true passion in our lives is part of our own individual destinies. We seek passion in every area of our life and involve the people closest to us in our opinions and choices regarding what we truly want in life. We live and breathe it; expressing it in many different ways. Be it through pictures, actions or incorporating it into our everyday lives.

Passion for helping others
Mother Teresa had a passion for helping the neediest of people in Calcutta. Her passion took her to the slums of severe poverty to fulfill her passion of helping others that were in dire need. Her desire was so strong to be there for the hopeless outcasts that were shunned by everyone.

Her passion to love and care for these people drove her day and night to see to it that these people had hope and love in their life, by showing them she cared and doing everything in her power to see to it that they were taken care of. She made a difference in their life. That was her genuine passion in life. By her love for them brought a desire that drove her to do everything in her power to improve their circumstances. Even if it led her to have to live much like they did. She did it because her loving passion led the way.

A passion to travel
Some people have a passion for traveling from one place to the next. Most of these working folks travel on their vacation time, they get once a year. Paid vacation or not these people live and breathe thinking about what they will do on their vacation. They have the whole year to wait and plan for the vacation time.

These people have their vacation very well planned out by the time the actual vacation time arrives; the passion of thinking, living and breathing all through the year; a perfect vacation, get away.

This passion of thought lays ground for the future. The wheels are turning all year long. It takes genuine thoughts and feelings that do help release stress too; by always day dreaming, thinking and viewing travel brochures. It also helps lower blood pressure and calm the soul; during the year by lowering stress levels by having this desire-sum choice of a path of passion.


Whatever your passion is, it will take you further to the destiny of your chosen passion. What we think, feel and say helps guide us to the future of our desires. No matter what your passion is; believing in all that is good in life and having faith in the future; will up lift your soul and create less friction in your life.