There are so many people out there who will tell you they know what the market is going to do. The opinions all differ. There are people on both sides with vastly different opinions. Some say that we are in a golden age and the market will only keep going up, but others are saying to get out while you still can because the market is heading for the biggest correction to date.

How do we know who to trust? Who’s advice should you listen to? There is no way of knowing for sure what will happen in the future, and I won’t presume to tell you that I know for sure what is going to happen. Let us look at history because everyone has heard that it repeats itself. In the last hundred years (Since 1915), the market has crashed a total of 12 times. Those years are 1916, ’19, ’29, ’37, ’46, ’61, ’68, ’72, ’80, ’87, 2000, and ’08. That is on average every 8 years. It is now 2017, so it has been 9 years since the last crash. Doesn’t that mean we are already overdue?

What are you going to do with this information? I am not telling you this so you can run/hide in fear. I am telling you this because, just like for every disaster, you need to have a plan before it happens. We have fire drills, tornado shelters, and protocols for just about every disaster out there. We know how to prepare for them. But how do you prepare for a financial disaster?

Well, first you need to know how is it going to affect you? If you have 30+ years until you retire, you have plenty of time to make it up. However, if you only have 2 years until you do, can you afford to lose what you have? What would happen to your retirement plan? Now people will tell you, that’s why I have a diversified plan, so I don’t lose much. That’s great for them, but I don’t want to lose anything. Now let me ask you, if there was a way to let your money grow based on the stock market, but you were guaranteed to never lose anything, would you want to know more about it? How much piece of mind would that give you? Call my office today to create your disaster proof plan!